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The Difference Between A Salesman And A Consultant.

Are You Being Asked Enough Questions? 

We all want the best Point of Sale system for our business. But there are so many options out there, and so many companies are all claiming their Point of Sale solution is the best. So how do you know? Well, let’s look at this one indicator, the Point of Sale provider. You can separate all the Point of Sale providers into two groups, the Salesman, and the Consultant. What is the difference between them and how can you tell? Quite a bit and the tell is how many questions they ask you. Let’s dive deeper into this.

 One type of Point of Sale provider is The Salesman. The Salesman works for a Point of Sale provider that only sells one Point of Sale system. This might be a one-size-fits-all Point of Sale system, like Square or Clover, or they only specialize in one industry, like Toast for restaurants. Because they only sell one option, your business’s unique aspects and any questions or concerns you might have don’t mean anything to them. The Salesman just talks up their one Point of Sale option and claims it can do anything and everything you ask of it. This type of Point of Sale provider is most apparent in how many questions they ask you, which in this case could just be “how many stations do you want?”.

On the other hand, the other type of Point of Sale provider is the Consultant. The Consultant works for a Point of Sale provider that sells several different Point of Sale systems. This might be a local Point of Sale dealer like Total Merchant Supply. Unlike The Salesman, The Consultant wants to know all the unique aspects of your business because they are trying to figure out which of their several Point of Sale systems fit your business. They want to hear what questions or concerns you have because that will help both of you decide and agree on the best possible solution. The Consultant will bring up features and drawbacks of the different systems, provide insight on best practices, and what option similar companies have chosen, etc. This type of Point of Sale provider will ask a TON of questions because they care about what Point of Sale systems you get. 

It should be noted that while The Consultant asks lots of questions and genuinely wants to find the best Point of Sale system for your business, best doesn’t always mean perfect. There are no perfect solutions, we all know that, but you will probably hear that there ARE perfect solutions from a Salesman. He just says what he thinks you want to hear, but you know better, so take it with a big grain of salt… and go find a Consultant. 

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