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What our customers have to say about our services.

Happy Customers

-Karen Mangeney

Owner of JordanosCharlotte, NC

“I’ve  been with Dwane Walton since before we opened our doors in 1998. I opened my business with a merchant account and credit card terminal purchased from Dwane. I later added a small POS system then upgraded to Infotouch POS in 2005, which I’m still using today. I rely on Total Merchant Supply for POS support, secure credit card processing plus sound business advice. They are just a phone call away. When a problem can’t be solved over the phone or online they quickly come to resolve the issue so I don’t suffer any downtime or loss of sales. Total Merchant Supply has always watched out for my interest and provided great systems and service for good value. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else. They are terrific.”

Satisfied Customers

“I love the service. They always take care of me.  If you own a business and you need a POS system, the best thing is going to happen to you if you give that business to Total Merchant Supply. They’re the best.”

-Edward Olima

Owner of The BugersKnoxville, TN
Has been a great company to me. Any problem I ever had was handled by one of the employees. I had to close my business and they took care of the closing in a timely manner. When I need service again I will be sure to go back to them.

- Mohamed Husseinhersi

Cab Driver

Charlotte, NC

Great experience with Total Merchant Supply, helpful and responsive to problems that I had. Staffs are really kind. Highly recommend this company.
Owners, Aroy ThaiCharlotte, NC

Additional Satisfied Customers

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How well do our solutions/products meet your needs?

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