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How the Coronavirus Has Changed the Retail Business

A lot of headlines these days have been on how the Coronavirus has negatively  affected the hospitality industry, particularly to restaurants and bars. But that is not the only industry negatively hit. The retail industry has also seen its own number of changes due to the pandemic. Some of which might be part of the…

POS Systems

The Challenges That Every Retailer Faces

THE CHALLENGES The world of Retail is detail oriented. You need a versatile software that will allow you to: keep track of color, style, size, type, etc. in a simple and timely way You also need that data tied to reliable reporting. There are a lot of new products you need to get in the…

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Top 5 Benefits of Gift Cards

Every business should have gift cards. Many hesitate, thinking their model doesn’t lend itself well to gift, doing so they’re forfeiting, steady revenue.

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How To Increase Sales (For Marketers)

Loyalty Rewards Programs Boost Sales As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase your sales. You want to promote your business and bring in repeat customers. Loyalty Rewards are one of the best ways to get customers through your doors and increase overall sales. To bring in customers and keep them coming…