Whether you’re a restaurant or a retail business, tablets will greatly enhance what you can do for your customers.

Hisense model HM518 Point of Sale Tablet - discontinued

The Very Best in
tablet Point Of Sales

Our tablet point of sales systems are perfect for restaurants and retail stores alike.  Customers are reporting that they like the personal attention they receive when a tablet is used for transactions and customer service.

01.  Cloud-Based TABLETs

With a cloud-based tablet point of sales system, you can access a variety of important functions and reports. With the Cloud,  you can be anywhere in the world and still monitor what’s going on in your store or restaurant.

02.  Restaurant TABLETs

Customers love the personal attention they receive when their server is able to spend more time at the table instead of having to run and back and forth to a station. Orders go in accurately and get to the kitchen faster. This improves your table turn rates.

03.  Retail TABLET

A tablet point of sale system allows you to go where your customers are. It speeds things up and allows you to easily capture customer data that you can use to provide them with a higher level of personalized service.


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