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PCI Certifed Remote Access

Built-in two-factor authentication, secure passwords, and audit reports

When our monitoring detects an issue, we’ll let you know immediately and will work to quickly resolve the issue remotely. With PCI certified remote access and your permission, our techs can remote in unattended. No more scheduling an employee to come in early to update or upgrade your system and if your issue can be resolved remotely, you can avoid on-site service charges.

An additional benefit is that Owners also have the ability to be offsite and securely Connect Remote into their system.

**Secure access into your system and PCI Certified


Remote application monitoring of Network, connectivity, and POS hardware

24/7 real-time monitoring of your computer, internet connectivity, and network help us prevent some problems before they ever happen. This feature enables us to see when your computer is nearing a failure point, you’ve lost your internet connection, or if there are other problems that could impact your ability to do business. We often discover problems before you’re even aware of them and can fix the issues before they cause you to lose money.

Benefits of a POS Service Agreement


Unlimited Phone Tech Support

  • You won’t pay extra when you call for technical phone support for your POS system.

POS System Remote Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of your software, connectivity, and network helps us prevent some problems before they ever occur.

Free Software Upgrade

  • You will receive POS software upgrades once a year for free.


Unlimited Internet Tech Support

  • Free remote access online when you need internet tech support for your POS system.


POS Connect Remote Access

  • An industrial strength online remote access solution, Connect gives you everything you need to remotely work and fix problems without ever going in to your store or restaurant.

Free Loaner Equipment

  • If you need a replacement for a downed piece of POS equipment, we will provide a loaner free of charge.


Discounted Onsite Technical Support

  • You pay much less for onsite service calls.


“I love the service. They always take care of me.

I will not support lousiness. If you own a business and you need a POS system, the best thing is going to happen to you if you give that business to Total Merchant Supply. They’re the best.”

Edward Olima  – Owner of “The Burgers”
Knoxville, TN

Additional Add-on services



Cloud Backups

  • Provides an extra layer of backup security by automatically backing up critical POS data offsite and in the cloud.

PROfessional Grade Antivirus

  • Vipre antivirus software protects you against security infringements on your POS system and in your email. We keep it updated and renew it for you every year.

Wireless Fail-Over Service

  • A cellular to ethernet backup service that seamlessly enables you to keep doing business when your primary internet connection goes down.


Our Service Plans

Please see our rate for Pay As You Go, Basic Service, Premium Service. Please complete our short form to receive more information about our plans and how we can best service you.

Our cloud-based software has Basic Service built into it.

Bundle Remote Monitoring and Connect Remote for $25 (No Service Agreement)

Bundle Offsite Backups and Vipre Antivirus for $25 (No Service Agreement)

*Cellular to Ethernet Failover Service – Max data is 1 gig/month. Overages at 3 cents per MB for Basic and Premium; 5 cents per MB w/ No Service Agreement.

Our cloud-based software has Basic Service built into it.

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