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Self-Ordering Kiosks

A versatile tool for every restaurant; fast food, casual and server based. All restaurants will benefit from a self-ordering Kiosk.

Kiosk ordering systems can help boost efficiency

Reduce Customer Wait Time

They can place their order by themselves.

Increase Staff Production

 Staff can focus on other important tasks.

 Increase Check Size

Prompt customers with Add-ons and tempt them with pics. 

From the customer’s point of view. 

When they are ready, customers enter their customized order complete with all mods and add-ons in the self-serve kiosk. They pay for the order on the pinpad. The order is sent directly to the kitchen printer or kitchen video display. Orders can be picked up or delivered to a table.

Benefits for a restaurant owner

A self-ordering kiosk will cost less than a full-time employee. You will never need to worry about having enough employees during peak hours or getting hit with a sudden rush of customers. A self-serve kiosk system is always ready to take orders.

Versatile For Any Restaurant Type

Use the self-ordering kiosk that best fits your restaurant’s style and flow.


This kiosk is front and center. Ideal if you want to grab your customers’ eyes as soon as they walk-in. All the orders will come through it.


This kiosk is subtle. Perfect for line busting and serving customers during off hours. Great to use along with traditional POS stations.

Total Merchant Supply offers self-ordering kiosks for restaurants through our Total Restaurant POS software. To learn more about everything that POS software can do, click here.

If you have any questions about Self-Ordering Kiosks, don’t hesitate to contact Total Merchant Supply. Give us a call today at 704-523-6244 to speak with a customer service representative. 



We service businesses throughout North & South Carolina. Our systems were made in consideration of our local customers. 

Based in Charlotte, NC, our showroom is located on Southern Pine Boulevard where you can get a hands-on demo of our point-of-sale products. 

If you are in Charlotte or the surrounding areas, we have a tech support team that can come to your business, in-person, anytime an issue arises. That even includes nights and weekends.