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Thanks for helping me out.

Here is a short story to help illustrate how we help our customers.

One Saturday afternoon, a customer’s credit card machine broke down. It was the only credit card machine he had. If he couldn’t get a working credit card machine he would lose a lot of sales. After calling his bank and getting nowhere. He called us for help. I took one of our credit card terminals and went to his location. I called his bank and got his merchant account info. I then downloaded his merchant account into the credit card terminal I brought. He was back up and accepting credit cards in no time. His Saturday sales were still on par with his normal weekend sales.

Now that you know how we help our customers. I’d like to describe our ideal customer.

I’m looking for customers in the hospitality industry. Mostly restaurants and bars, but also, breweries, delis, convenient stores, retail and clothing shops. Located in the city of Charlotte and the surrounding areas. I’d like to speak to owners, but also General Managers, who are open to talking to me about POS systems.  

Who do you know that matches my ideal customer?

I understand these are your relationships, so if you could introduce Total Merchant Supply to these people shortly after hitting submit. That would go a long way in helping turn your referrals into customers.