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Our POS printers range from older to newer models. We also sell different sized thermal and kitchen printer paper for all of your POS printing needs!

Our POS Printers Come in All Different Shapes and Styles

Image of Point of Sale Receipt Printer thermal

Printers are an important part of every retail or restaurant POS system. You use them for all of your transactions so you need one that will integrate well with the rest of your system, take frequent use, and print clearly. All of our receipt printers have benefits and are designed to take the wear and tear of a busy retail or restaurant business.

We have thermal and kitchen printer paper! Are you all out of printer paper? Stop by our store for a fresh restock.


Our receipt printers are fast and quiet. They integrate well with the rest of your pos system and provide crisp, clear printing. They are “Spill Proof” and have the option of front printing or top printing. These come in Serial, USB, Ethernet to fit the needs of your business setup.

Made To Last

Our kitchen printers are built to withstand the fast
pace and heat of the kitchen. They offer Drop and Print Paper Loading, Built-In Wall Mount Capability and an Adjustable Paper Near-End Sensor.


Our printers use inexpensive thermal paper, which are heat resistant. They print in both black and red and use 1, 2, or 3 ply paper. They offer Drop and Print Paper Loading and have a Fast 4.7 Lines per Second Print Speed. Our printers have an Auto-Cutter with Selectable Full or Partial cut and Store and Print Logo Images. We sell 50 count cases of Thermal Receipt paper at our store. Come on by if you need a fresh supply.

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We are based right here in Charlotte, NC. Our showroom is located on South Boulevard where you can get a hands-on demo of our products.

24/7/365 phone and internet support is included with the $99 No Worries Plan.

If you are in Charlotte or the surrounding area, we have a tech team that can come to your business in-person anytime an issue arises, which includes nights and weekends!


Having problems with your point of sale hardware or software? We can help. Let one of our expert technicians quickly assess and resolve your issue.