Postmates + Total Restaurant POS And You!

The benefits and costs of pairing your Point of Sales system, from Total Merchant Supply, with Postmates. Click here to read more!

As the saying goes, if the customer can’t come to you, you go to the customer. But how to afford hiring delivery drivers? With the new Postmates add-on, that is not needed. As with the online order feature with Total Restaurant POS, the customer still places their orders in your website, that order then prints in your kitchen and goes to a Postmates’ driver who comes, picks it up and delivers it to the customer. Providing delivery service without the additional hire.

Postmates blog pic

Along with a delivery drive that is not on the payroll, this Postmates add-on provides you with a certain level of control. For starters, you can set the minimum order amount and prep time needed. On top of that, you can decide what percentage of the tip the customers leave on the order that will go to your restaurant and what will go to the Postmates’ delivery driver. Do keep in mind, while it is tempting to keep all the money you can, having Postmates’ delivery drives avoiding your restaurant could cause issues in the long run, but that decision is yours. Unlike the way other food delivery apps work, this Postmates add-on provides instant funding from a sale. No more having to wait till the end of the week or month to get it all in one lump sum.

With these benefits in mind, what does it cost? Unlike other food delivery apps, which base their costs off of a percentage of the sale. This Postmates add-on only has a monthly flat rate. Once the online ordering feature is enabled on a Total Restaurant POS system, the add-on is just $50 per month, regardless of how many transactions Postmates delivers in a month. That should be easy on everyone’s wallet. If you would like to find out more about Total Restaurant POS software and the Postmates add-on, please call Total Merchant Supply.