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Credit Card Pin Pads

Contactless payments are the future of credit card processing

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We stay up to date on POS and Credit Card trends so YOU can focus on being the best at YOUR business. POS systems and Credit Card processing are highly technical. There’s never enough time for you to become an expert in everything. Let us be your trusted advisor in these complex areas of your business. We’ve been successfully serving the Carolinas since 1997.

Credit Card Pin Pads

Credit Card Pin Pads go hand-in-hand with your POS system. Connect EMV payments with your point-of-sale system. These units must be plugged in to work with your system. You can find contactless payment options in each of our new models.

Credit Card Terminals

Terminals aren’t required to be plugged into a computer. When you sign up for a Merchant Account with us, you will receive a Credit Card Terminal.

Credit Card Processing

Our processing rates are always competitive. Let us know what you pay now, and we will match it.

What We Have In Stock

Credit Card Terminals

Credit Card Terminal


A compact, secure and ruggedized credit card terminal capable of processing payments with a variety of connectivity options. Equipped with a 32-Bit ARM9 CPU, large memory, and a high-speed thermal printer, the S-80 is an ideal payment device for use in banking, large retail, hospitality, food service, and convenience stores.

POS Pin Pads

PAX A920

The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. The A920 delivers an integrated camera, high-speed thermal printer, and high-capacity battery to meet the daily demands across all dynamic Retail or Hospitality environments.

PAX’s SP30

This credit card pin pad fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, offering everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device. Providing unsurpassed security and reliability and redefining the classic PIN pad, the SP30 offers the smallest footprint in two configurations: as a terminal connected to a Point-of-Sale (POS) or as an accessory PIN pad device that connects to a PAX payment terminal such as the A80. Its high-speed processor and large memory support a broad range of payment and value-added applications. The SP30 offers a built-in contactless card reader, a magnetic card reader, and an IC card reader.

Ingenico iPP320

Robust and optimized for fast checkout, the iPP 320 is designed to meet the needs of intense retail environments. It is compact, requires minimum counter space and provides easy handling. A large 15-key backlit keypad, LCD display and function keys allow comfortable, convenient interactions. In addition to accepting EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments, the iPP 320 also supports new NFC technologies, such as loyalty, and wallets.

The VX 805

features a sleek and ergonomic design, with intuitive ATM-style interface and large keypad to make it look as good as it feels. Includes PCI 3.X approval, EMV compliance, and VeriShield Total Protect, which delivers end-to-end encryption and tokenization.With its blazing-fast processor, the VX 805 PIN pad can handle even the most complex and demanding transactions.


The Dynamag

Just under 4 inches, Dynamag saves space on the countertop or in your custom build and still provides a long swipe path. Dynamag card reader supports USB HID or USB Keyboard emulation interfaces and is powered and connected via USB.

Incorporate cutting-edge payment systems into your restaurant or retail business with the chip credit card readers and pin pads for sale from Total Merchant Supply. Visit us today and let our expert team set you up with the POS pin pad and contactless card reader system to enhance your business.

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