Tactical Urbanism Applied to Outdoor Seating

With covid-19 still in the forefront of the news Tactical Urbanism is the key factor in making outdoor seating efficient and effective for your clientele

Tactical Urbanism also known as pop up dermonstations is a common tactic that is used to help planners and community groups making initiates. With covid-19 still in the forefront of the news. Tactical Urbanism is the key factor in making outdoor seating efficient and effective for your clientele. Please understand that these are only suggestions. Your restaurant still needs to comply with North Carolina safety standards.

Outdoor Seating and Social Distancing

Objects and layout is a crucial step in order to allow safe outdoor social distancing. Providing barriers is a key way in allowing your customers to have a safe and secure environment when coming to your restaurant. Barriers will control traffic flow and prevent pedestrians from entering into your outdoor area. Without entering through the front door. These barriers can range in price and size. There are some great options: concrete jersey barriers, traffic cones, control barricades, cardboard cylinders (that can be painted), granite blocks, and hay bales. All of these options are great ways to help with the outdoor social distancing. As well as traffic flow of your clients.

Blue table and chairs at a restaurant with beautiful flowering trees and moss covered trees

Using Planter for Outdoor Seating and Social Distancing

Plants are a low-cost effective way to turn a parking lot or a sidewalk into an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. This is also a wonderful way to reduce noise and to freshen up the area. Think about stacking the plants on top of wooden crates. Or even some of the barriers talked about before to give some extra color to the space.

Temporary Outdoor Furniture

As your outdoor area expands to the sidewalks, parking lots, and even closed down streets think about some temporary outdoor seating areas. This is a great way to make the outdoor seating area more comfortable and protect your nice furniture from the elements. By using picnic tables, foldable tables and chairs and fun colored umbrellas you can give your outdoor seating area a vibe that aligns with your restaurant.

Other helpful Outdoor space tips

  • Do not put seating or furniture over drains
  • Be sure outdoor space does not affect the safety of fire hydrants or other safety amenities. 
  • Make sure to check local regulations for extra safety measures!