Online Ordering

Search. Find. Order. It’s That Easy.

Help make your dining experience safe & easy

Online Ordering

Have customers place orders (from any device) within the comfort of their own homes.

Curbside Pickup

Let customers safely pickup their food without entering your store.

Postmates Integration

Make food delivery simpler, without the need to hire internal delivery drivers.

Online Ordering

With Total Restaurant POS, Online Ordering can be added-on to your software. Our Total Restaurant POS software will create an online menu portal for your website. Thus giving you the control to update it as you like. Those options include adding/ subtracting menu items, adding a logo, selecting a background color, updating delivery & pickup times, adding store hours, and many more.

Online Ordering - Charlotte, NC

Make Online Ordering a “breeze-thru” during the Pandemic.

Have your online checkout menu created for you. No longer do you have to hire an independent website developer to do so. With our Total Restaurant POS software, we will create a portal for you. You may then create a menu filled with as many items as you want.

How to set up Online Ordering in Total Restaurant POS

Curbside Pickup

Let customers safely pickup their food without entering your store. Select the hours for which curbside will be available. Exclude speciality dates like holidays.

Curbside Pickup - Charlotte, NC

Optimize Curbside Pickup for safe & easy pick up.

Postmates Integration

This integration is an add-on to our Total Restaurant POS software. You may input the average preparation, order time, and tip amount for each delivery.

Simplify your food delivery process with a Postmates Integration.

Bring returning patrons into your store with Customer Loyalty programs. Reward those returning customers with money to spend on future purchases.


Restaurant POS Software
For Restaurants

– Cloud-based Software

– Customer Loyalty

– Online Ordering & Curbside Pickup

– Delivery Integration (Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub)

– Texting Service for tables available

– Table Side Ordering (QR Code)

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