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The Kick Start your Business Deserves:

How a Great Deal can Launch Your Business Right


You’re ready to take that first big step every entrepreneur must take. You’re ready to put action to your thought of opening your very own business. You know a pen and paper with a cash box you use at garage sales won’t suffice. But looking takes time and effort; there is so very much to do! Don’t panic. All of your point of sale problems can be solved with the Kick Start Combo from Total Merchant Supply. Let me show you how.

A Shoe String Budget

One hard and fast truth with small business is that money is king and must be taken into account always. So let’s be up-front about that now. Our Kick Start Combo is $115.00 a month for 36 months. No large one-time license fees to get the Point of Sale software. No application fees of any kind. After 36 months you own the hardware and it drops to a mere $60 a month till your ready for the next upgrade. Easy, right?

Put it on my card

To do business in this day and age you must take credit cards; the cash-only business model is dead and gone. So as with the Point of Sale system itself, you can spend a lot of time and effort getting merchant account rates. We want to take that hassle out of the equation and make it as easy as possible to get our Kick Start combo. We will set up your merchant account for you, fully integrated, to work seamlessly with competitive rates. Check that off the list.

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New and Shiny

As was mentioned before you own the hardware after 36 months. But what kind of hardware will you own? You won’t own used or refurbished equipment that was part of another package deal. You won’t own proprietary equipment that can only be used with one company or POS software. You will get a brand new, fresh out of the box, non-proprietary, Windows-based POS system. If after 36 months, we haven’t earned your business by then, it can be used with another POS software. You can take my word on that!

Hello Neighbor

We are in Charlotte and you are too, or in the surrounding areas. As your neighbor, not only is phone and internet support included but we can come on-site, in-person, even on the weekends! We offer free hardware loaner if any of it were to break, your fault or not, and we will show up to switch it out in person. Can the other guys say that?

Now that you have been introduced to our Kick Start Combo, we don’t expect you to sign on the bottom line just yet. You can get a hands-on experience of the Kick Start Combo in our showroom. Simply try before you buy. Call 704-523-6244 for details.  

Want To Know MORE?

We will be happy to assist you

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