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Restaurant POS

POS Systems Designed For Restaurants


Improve Your Table Turns

Our Restaurant POS systems are designed to speed things up and keep human errors to a minimum. By being easily able to search tables or tabs by table number, name, or ticket number, servers can access their checks quickly and make sure that they are on top of everything. Seamless integration between the POS software and the kitchen printer decreases the time it takes to get started on orders and gets the food out to the customers much faster, with more accuracy. Add in a tablet, and you’ll really see those table turn rates go up.

Manage Time of Day Pricing and Specials

Got to manage a popular happy hour? No problem! Our Restaurant POS systems can automatically change prices based on the time of day parameters you set. When you want to offer a little something special from the kitchen, items can easily be added to the menu and the inventory is tracked so that you’re servers aren’t out on the floor selling items that you don’t have.

Robust Remote Reporting

In the restaurant business, you need to know what’s going all the time. With our Restaurant POS software, you can access a variety of important functions and reports from any device with an internet connection. This means you can be anywhere in the world and still monitor what’s going on in your restaurant, even from your phone.  Check sales by date, time, or server. Manage inventory, employee timekeeping, and your menu 24/7. The number of different reports you can run is amazing and you’ll get end of day, week, and month reports sent directly to your email.

Kitchen Printer and Video Options

Since you have to get orders to the kitchen quickly to get them out to your customers on time, it’s important that your kitchen printers are integrated with your software. Our Restaurant POS systems offer multiple language kitchen printer options to accommodate  your diverse staff and orders move seamlessly from the software to the kitchen. We also offer Kitchen Display Video (KDV) as an even more feature-rich option.

Lebowski's Neighborhood Grill

I have been with Total Merchant Supply for over 10 years and continue to appreciate their top notch service and quality equipment and software.  I did sign on for the tech support service and have always been a top priority when system issues arise. I also get all my paper supplies from TMS with timely delivery and very competitive prices. They’re a pleasure to do business with and I never feel like “just another client”.

Kirk Weaver – Owner
Charlotte, NC


“I ’ve been with Dwane Walton since before we opened our doors in 1998. I opened my business with a merchant account and credit card terminal purchased from Dwane. I later added a small POS system then upgraded to Infotouch POS in 2005, which I’m still using today. I rely on Total Merchant Supply for POS support, secure credit card processing plus sound business advice. They are just a phone call away. When a problem can’t be solved over the phone or online they quickly come to resolve the issue so I don’t suffer any downtime or loss of sales. Total Merchant Supply has always watched out for my interest and provided great systems and service for good value. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else. They are terrific.”

Karen Mangeney – Owner
Charlotte, NC

We Provide the Best in Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience working with other restaurants?

We’ve been in business since 2003 and have helped hundreds of restaurants in the Charlotte area. We are more interested in building lasting relationships than we are in selling products. We take our time with the consultation phase and make sure that we get to know all we need to know about your business before we ever recommend a system. We use customization to meet the unique needs of restaurant businesses and set them up with something that will meet today’s demands and continue to grow with them. At Total Merchant Supply, we are in the business of solving restaurants’ problems and creating solutions that work.

How do I know what kind of POS system I need for my restaurant business?

When you come to Total Merchant Supply, you’ll likely notice that we ask a lot of questions. That’s  because we want to get to know your business and your unique needs before we ever start putting together a system for you. We have been in business for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of restaurant owners in the Charlotte area so we have the expertise you need to help you select a POS system that is right for you.

Do you offer cloud-based Restaurant POS systems?

We offer reliable Windows Cloud-Based POS systems designed specifically to meet the demands of restaurant businesses. With features like inventory control, timekeeping, multiple language printer options, splitting checks by total or item, customer management, and comprehensive remote reporting, our cloud-based POS systems can do time of day pricing and track specials so that you’re staff isn’t on the floor selling products you don’t have.

What hardware comes with a Restaurant POS system?

Though all of our POS systems are customized to meet your particular needs, the most common items included in a system are a PC, a receipt printer, a kitchen printer, a cash drawer, a scanner,and a label printer. We also offer tablets, KDV (kitchen display video), digital signage, and alcohol control systems.

Do you offer tablet Restaurant POS?

We carry a variety of different devices to suit your needs. Customers love the personal attention they receive when their server is able to spend more time at the table instead of having to run and back and forth to a station. Orders go in more accurately since they’re done right away and get to the kitchen much faster. This makes for an overall better experience for your customers and increases your table turn rates.

What size restaurants do you work with?

We have worked with small, mid-size, and large restaurants with multiple locations. No challenge is too big or too small to garner our full attention. We are happy to assist you with your POS system no matter what size business you are.

Tech Support

  • Having problems with your POS hardware or software? We can help. Let one of our expert technicians quickly assess and resolve your issue.

Tech Support

  • Having problems with your POS hardware or software? We can help. Let one of our expert technicians quickly assess and resolve your issue.