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POS Touch Screens

Today’s POS systems always include a Touch Screen computer.
They are faster, more dynamic, and easier to use than traditional PC’s.

Find the Best POS Touch Screen for Your Business

1. Smaller Footprint

Touch Screen computers take up way less space than traditional PCs or cash registers. This is especially important when counter space is limited.

2. Interaction With POS Software

Touch screen units allow for quick/direct interaction with POS software. UX studies have greatly improved their functionality and offer an intuitive experience for the user.

3. Interfaces

Touch Screens allow for a variety of interfaces to be presented to the user for a more customized experience.

Touch Screens are the gold standard for retail and restaurant POS systems. They are quicker to use and offer many advantages that improve upon speed and user experience.

SAP 4800

The SAM4s SAP-4800II touch screen terminal is powered with an ARM Cortex™ quad-core fanless processor to efficiently run a variety of android software applications. Vivid LED Backlight for Reliability and Energy Savings.

HK 570

Hisense is the world’s third largest TV manufacturer and leads the Chinese market with point of sale products. The Hisense HK570 true flat touch terminal includes die-cast aluminum housing, projected capacitive touch and a solid state drive for optimum performance and reliability in harsh retail and food service environments. The LED backlight ensures long display life, bright screen and significant energy savings. The lowprofile, durable, double articulating, die-cast aluminum stand allows the terminal to fold flat. 


The All-in-One POS is designed to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. The 15 LED LCD Projected Capacitive display offers easy, flexible operation, enhanced durability, and more accurate input, while the Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 processor provides the power you need to keep operations running smoothly.

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