Cash Registers

We offer a number of cash registers from older to newer models. The Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) that we carry offer a wide range of functionality at an economical cost. We have models built for any sized business.

Don’t see a cash register you like below? Let us know what you are looking for an we will hook you up.

“SAM 4S” Cash Registers


  1. SPS 320
  2. ER 920
  3. ER 265EJ
  4. ER 180U


  1. $729.00
  2. $579.00
  3. $419.00
  4. $179.00



We have models for retail stores that offer 10,000+ products in the system and employee time clocks. They are compatible with scanners, POS printers, pole displays, and/or a second cash drawer and offer integrated payments.


Our higher end models allow for full restaurant support. They have features such as seating, modifiers, kitchen video, and kitchen printing capabilities. They are EMV-ready, have integrated payment options, and have a customer display.

Tech Support

Some of our ECR’s even come equipped with remote entry capabilities allowing for quick and effective tech support.

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We are based right here in Charlotte, NC. Our showroom is located on South Boulevard where you can get a hands-on demo of our products.

24/7/365 phone and internet support is included with the $99 No Worries Plan.

If you are in Charlotte or the surrounding area, we have a tech team that can come to your business in-person anytime an issue arises, which includes nights and weekends!


Having problems with your point of sale hardware or software? We can help. Let one of our expert technicians quickly assess and resolve your issue.