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“To provide technology & services to small entrepreneurs to help maximize their full potential.”

The Team - Total Merchant Supply


    We’re committed to finding client-focused solutions that work. Instead of focusing on the sale, we take the time to work with you to determine exactly where our services will have the most impact. We ask the right questions to make sure that you get the best Point of Sale system to exceed your expectations.
    Unlike most credit card processing and POS system providers, we have a retail location that showcases our wide selection of Point of Sale systems and services. Our brick-and-mortar presence provides the security and reliability you want when dealing with a third-party, merchant services and payment processor. Our showroom is the perfect place to provide hands-on demos that make you feel comfortable with the services you’re purchasing.
    Our POS hardware and software run the full spectrum from cash registers to Cloud-based operating systems, to digital signage, to merchant accounts, to legacy-based POS systems. All of our systems are available in a full range of pricing, customization, and upgrade options. We make it a priority to stay current with industry developments and emerging technologies so that our POS systems remain functional and relevant over time.
    Whether you need an entire package, telephone services, supplies, or credit card processing; we offer a wide selection of products that fit your needs. You will love our one-stop-shop approach. It takes the hassle out of doing business over the telephone. It’s also fully supported by our expert sales team and technical support staff.

Serving the Point of Sale (POS) Market in The Carolinas, since 1997

“At Total Merchant Supply, we provide restaurants and retailers with customizable Point Of Sale solutions. Founded in 1997, by professionals with extensive industry experience, our expert team has helped countless businesses make the most of their POS needs. Our customers reach from South Carolina to North Carolina.”

Our hands-on showroom is filled with a variety of systems and services designed to solve even your toughest POS challenges. Our one-stop-shop approach is perfect for helping you walk away with everything you need to run smoothly and efficiently. You can rest assured that the selection, customer service, and expert knowledge we offer will be invaluable and refreshing.

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It’s All About The Customer

At Total Merchant Supply, we’re in the problem-solving business. No challenge is too big or too small to warrant our complete and undivided attention. As a part of helping hundreds of retailers and restaurants make the most of their Point Of Sale systems, we have become experts in our field.

Come see for yourself how we share our knowledge and while you’re here, check out some of the finest POS systems on the market.

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