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Contactless Payment Solutions

Just Tap & Go

With our contactless payment terminals, your customers can safely pay without having to touch anything. Eliminate the risk of germs and allow your customers to shop stress free with our touch-free payment solutions in North and South Carolina.

Contactless Payments

With just the tap of your credit card or phone, payments can be made without swiping. No more waiting for change or a card back from the cashier. Once a customer had made their payment, they’re ready to enjoy their purchase and enjoy the rest of their day stress free.

Pin Pads

There are so many ways to pay with our PIN pads for sale. Our pin pads come in a variety of options. Traditional and non-contact processing can be used.

Apple Pay

A revolutionary new way to pay through your smart phone. Apple Pay works with most new Apple devices. 

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment is also referred to as touchless or touch-free payment—whichever way you phrase it, it means the same thing: customers don’t have to touch any machine or hand the cashier their card or cash. All they have to do is hold their contactless card or device near the payment terminal, and from there the transaction will complete in seconds. It’s that easy—and it’s also the modern way to shop. Here at Total Merchant Supply, we take pride in the fact that we can provide our customers with a variety of different contactless payment solutions.

There are a lot of great benefits when offering contactless options. It’s fast and easy to use. Our contactless payment solutions can even increase your sales. It can replace carrying cash.

Credit Card Terminals

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Most new credit card terminals have contactless options. Take a look at some of our options and let us know if there is a specific model you are looking for.

Apple Pay

Pay directly from your smart phone. Just hold your phone over the terminal and let your digital wallet do the rest.

For further information about our Apple Pay–compatible terminals, contact our team—we are always happy to assist you.

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We service many customers throughout North & South Carolina. Our systems were made in consideration of our local customers.

Based in Charlotte, NC, our showroom is located on 9731-D Southern Pine Blvd where you can get a hands-on demo of our contactless payment terminals.

If you are in Charlotte or the surrounding areas, our tech support team that can come to your business, in-person, anytime an issue arises. That even includes nights and weekends.

Point Of Sale tech support works remotely on a Point Of Sale system.


Having problems with your point-of-sale software? We can help. Let one of our expert technicians quickly assess and resolve any issues.