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Start Cleaning your POS

Cleaning your POS system

The sun has come out, the temperature is warming; The statewide stay-at-home orders are expiring. Spring has finally come and along with it the desire to clean out the house you have been trapped in for the past couple of months. But your home isn’t the only thing that needs a good cleaning. Your POS system could also use some TLC. At Total Merchant Supply we have a few products you should have on hand to keep your Point of Sale system running and looking like new. 

Every one of your employees touches your POS system, that is a lot of hands. Fingerprints can build up but don’t worry, screen wipes will not only keep the touch screen of your POS system looking clean but will prevent dirt and grime from building up in the corners that will eventually affect the touch response of the screen itself. Screen wipes are pre-moistened, non-alcohol anti-static and come in both tubs and single use. 

Thermal printers are the workhorse of any small business whether it’s restaurant or retail. You can keep their receipts looking sharp and extend the print head’s life with a thermal printer cleaning card or pen. The cleaning card utilizes a soft fabric to create pressure to scrub away all dirt, adhesives, and ink from the print head, as well as the paper guides. The thermal cleaning pen provides a pinpoint cleaning apparatus to focus just on the printer’s printhead and to scrub off any hard to remove dirt or residue, and help clean your POS system.

How to Clean Your POS

Help avoid holding up customers and creating check out lines by keeping the credit card swipers clean. You can make sure the first swipe or dip is all you need with a Card Reader Cleaning Card. This cleaning card cleans both swipe and dip credit card readers, as well as, ATM machines and card door locks. Just a few slides through the card reader is all you need to do, to clean your POS system!

Take a Breath Your POS is Clean

Take a deep breath of the fresh spring air through your facemask knowing that both your house and business are clean. A screen wipe, thermal printer cleaning pen, and card reader cleaning card on hand can help make a difference for cleaning your POS System. All sold at Total Merchant Supply.



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