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Online Ordering with Total Touch POS

Image showing flow of Total Touch software Online Ordering

Online Ordering Capabilities For Your Business

Total Touch POS offers integrated online ordering.

Today’s customers expect to have a wide variety of choices about how to enjoy their favorite restaurant’s offerings. That’s why so many restaurateurs would like to add online ordering capabilities for their business. Fortunately for Total Touch POS™ users, this is much easier to do than you may think. Instead of going through an outside service that doesn’t integrate with your current software (and oftentimes hardware), you could just say the word and have a fully integrated online ordering service that leaves little room for error. Use your existing POS system with no need for additional hardware.

No website? No problem! We will create one for you that includes a link to place online orders.

Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering is simple and easy to set up. All you have to do is contact us, give us your menu, and add the online ordering module to your existing Total Touch POS™ software. We do the rest. Take a look at some of our features and read the details of exactly how the service works and what you get with it.

Total Touch POS Online Ordering Features

  • POS Integration means orders automatically go into the system and send a ticket to the kitchen. No one has to monitor orders on a separate piece of hardware then input them into the POS.
  • Option for Orders also to be sent to restaurant locations by fax/email/text message
  • Online ordering is on 24/7
  • Zero Downtime Guarantee (orders are called via call center monitoring if internet connection goes down)
  • Advanced ordering
  • Group ordering
  • Past order retrieval system for customers
  • Flex-delivery time notifications
  • Modular menu change capabilities
  • Custom integration into your restaurant’s website
  • Online order database system for restaurants to track orders in real-time
  • Automated report generation system
  • Advanced data mining features
  • Integrated mobile phone ordering system

Total Touch POS Online Ordering Details

The Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering Service provides both scalable and accurate ordering capabilities while increasing online order amounts over in-store order amounts by approximately 25% to 33%. Additionally, the system reduces labor and phone expense by handling online orders on a 24/7 basis. Each order received via the restaurant’s website is sent to the Total Touch POS™ in the restaurant, in real-time and (depending on the restaurant’s preference) can be automatically faxed, emailed and/or text messaged to the restaurant as well. What this means is that you get a virtual employee who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, handling each and every order that is made to your restaurant via your website.

Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering means Zero Downtime.

Guaranteed, so that if the internet goes down, our call center will call in orders to the restaurant. Orders will never be missed and customers will never be inconvenienced.

Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering has been designed to emulate how the restaurant operates in real life.

Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering provides a myriad of design features such as advance ordering, group ordering, flex-delivery time notifications, past order retrieval, along with a host of other features. Customers are provided with all of the options and information they need to complete their order without having to call into your restaurant to do so.

Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering is very easy because you literally don’t have to do anything in order to put the service into effect. You don’t have to purchase any computers or make changes in how you operate your business. All you have to do is give us your menu and we’ll take care of the rest, including creating any additional web pages that may be needed to incorporate online ordering into your existing site.

The result is that orders placed online will automatically go into your POS system and send a ticket to the kitchen. No one has to monitor a separate piece of hardware then key in orders to the POS. It all happens seamlessly and keeps customers from waiting a long time for their food.

Beyond setting up online ordering through your own website, we will also market your online menu through our web portal. This enables customers to find you when they are searching the web for your restaurant. And if you don’t have a website, we can easily create one for you that incorporates Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering.

An added feature we provide to all clients at no additional cost is our web-based order database system. Each restaurant client gets their own website that allows them to watch orders in real-time as they are coming into their respective locations. The website is password-protected and fully featured so that employee access can be granted to stores based on the access level desired for each particular employee.

The database system also enables you to access and data mine all orders that you receive through your Total Touch POS™ Online Ordering System.The system is extremely granular in nature so that orders can be searched and reports generated based on customer parameters (e.g., customer names and/or addresses), store parameters (e.g., city and/or state locations), and order parameters (e.g., food items ordered or food amounts) or any combination thereof.

This search function is extremely valuable to restaurants because it enables them to track order trends in real-time, thereby speeding up their response time to take advantage of opportunities as they are developing.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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