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Total Restaurant POS: Bundled Features

Total Restaurant POS: Bundled Features

With all the great features and add-ons that have been coming to Total Restaurant POS over the last year, it can be a little confusing to understand which features will help your business grow the most. We understand that different types of hospitality businesses have different needs. Total Merchant Supply is happy to simplify this decision and bring you Total Restaurant POS bundled features.

These bundles are based on the type of establishment you own, such as server-based and counter-serve restaurants and a bundle just for bars, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. These bundles can be added to any account size, from one single POS station in a fast-food shop to seven or more POS stations in a large white tablecloth restaurant. When you bundle these features, you will save money each month. Want a feature that is not in the bundle? No worries, you’re not locked into just these features; you can add other features on top of the bundled features, keeping things simple and straightforward.

Full-Service Bundles

For owners who operate a restaurant with front-of-house staff, our Full-Service Bundle will have everything you need to use the full power of the Total Restaurant POS software. First, it comes with Online Ordering, which gives you the power to make a sale from anywhere, not just in your restaurant. You also get Curbside Ordering, enabling you to service your customers who wish to have their takeout order brought to them in their car when they arrive.

Contactless Dining allows the host to drop off a QR code when seating a table. With this QR code, the customers can order food wherever they want and send it right to the kitchen. They can even request drink refills and summon their server. When done, they can pay for their meal right on their smartphone. This gives a lot of flexibility to the servers, helping them manage their tables more effectively. Lastly, the Full-Service Bundle comes with Host Texting. Got a line of customers waiting for a table to open up? Allow your host to text the customer when the table is ready or confirm their reservation.

Total Restaurant POS: Bundled Features

Delivery Options

Want to deliver your food right to your customers? There are two delivery options you can choose from to add to your Full-Service Bundle. Uber Eats Integration allows customers to place an order on the Uber Eats app, which will send the order right to your kitchen printer. No more double entering orders. Or, if orders are coming in on the Total Restaurant POS Online Ordering feature but you want to give your customers the option of delivery, you will want the Postmates Delivery Integration. When an order is ready to be delivered, a Postmates delivery driver will come to your restaurant, pick up the order, and deliver it to your customer. There will be no need to have a delivery driver on your payroll when Postmates can deliver all your orders.

Total Restaurant POS: Bundled Features

Counter Service Bundle

If you run the type of restaurant that offers counter service, then the Counter Service Bundle will have everything you need to succeed with the Total Restaurant POS software. Like the Full-Service Bundle, the Online Ordering option allows you to make a sale from anywhere. Curbside Ordering is also included so that you can deliver your food to your customers who wish to remain in their cars.

The Counter Service Bundle comes with the Tableside Ordering feature. This feature is specifically designed with fast-casual restaurants in mind. Your customers can seat themselves at any open table. On each table, there is a QR code that will allow the customer to order their food and send it directly to the kitchen. They pay for their order right then and there. Either a food runner can drop the order off at the table when it’s ready to be served, or the customer can be notified when their order is ready to be picked up at the service counter. This choice can be made on the fly, allowing greater flexibility in how you want to get the orders out.

As with the Full-Service Bundles, you can also choose to add the Uber Eats Integration and the Postmates Delivery Integration to the Counter Service Bundle.

Total Restaurant POS: Bundled Features

Bar Bundle

For the establishments that do not bother selling food, there is a bundle for you, too—the Bar Bundle. This simple bundle comes with Online Ordering and Tableside Ordering. This will allow your tables or VIP sections to order drinks at their convenience and have a cocktail server deliver them as soon as they are ready, alleviating any bottlenecking at the bar. The customer will pay for each drink when they order them from their smartphone, so there is no worry of them skipping out on the bill in the midst of a busy and chaotic bar. Instead of using cocktail servers, the bartenders can notify the customers that their drinks are ready for pick-up at the bar if you so choose. This flexibility allows great control for you to run your business as you see fit.

If you can see your business benefiting from one of these Total Restaurant POS bundled features or want to see all the features and add-ons of our restaurant point of sale systems, contact Total Merchant Supply today.