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Tips on How To Do Late-Night Dining Effectively

Tips on How To Do Late-Night Dining Effectively

As a restaurant and small business owner, you are always on the lookout for opportunities to make more money and expand your footprint. One possible way to do this is by expanding your hours of operations to the late-night space. In most places this would be 10 p.m. to midnight or 2 a.m. If you are looking to make this change, use these tips on how to do late-night dining effectively to ensure a successful endeavor.

It’s All About the Young

A successful restaurant caters to all sorts of customers. However, to do late-night well, there are only two customer bases you have to focus on: the college and young professional crowds.

If you were savvy enough to establish your business near a major college or university, moving to late-night could be fairly easy. If your only option is the young professional group, then you will need to put in some work. Start by targeting them with your lunch menu. Make an impact that will ensure they remember you and your food when you start promoting your late-night hours. Then, you will need to keep them coming back with your late-night dishes.

Staple Signature Dishes

Tips on How To Do Late-Night Dining Effectively

To do late-night dining effectively, you need to optimize your menu. The main focus should be on apps and finger foods. There are also staples you will want to serve, like sliders, tacos, pizza, wings, fries, and nachos.

However, don’t just serve them as some simple dish. Add your own flair and style to them. For example, if you own a seafood restaurant, put salmon sliders and lobster loaded fries on your late-night menu. You want to have your late-night menu match your lunch and dinner menus. What you choose to serve only makes up half of a successful late-night menu.

Pack It, Take It, Share It

Young people are always on the move to the next thing, and they often travel in small groups. As such, you also want your late-night menu to have offerings that are easy to package and easy to share. If your restaurant is close to other late-night bars and restaurants, there is a high chance your late-night customers will want to walk with your food as they savor it. Keep this in mind as you hand out extra plastic utensils and napkins; you don’t want to create unneeded waste.

By understanding the differences between the late-night dining scene and the typical lunch and dinner customers, you will be able to make a successful move to late-night dining service. Total Merchant Supply can also help make the transition smoother with bright digital signage that attracts the young crowds late at night. Give us a call to learn more.