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Tips for Training Employees on a New POS System

Tips for Training Employees on a New POS System

Whether you are upgrading to something newer, bigger, and better or are purchasing your very first POS system, you will have to train your employees on your new equipment at some point. There are several methods you can adopt to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. But as the owner, you must first learn the system and learn it well. It’s your business—take control of it. If you don’t know how your POS system works, others can and will take advantage. Once you have complete knowledge of your new POS system, then it’s time to train your managers and staff. Here are a few tips for training employees on a new POS system.

Tip 1: Keep It Short With Small Groups

It may be tempting to round up your entire staff, gather them around a POS station, and show them everything all at once. This would be ill-advised. Instead, conduct training session in smaller groups of four to six employees. This way you can better gauge their reaction and answer every question they have. Do sessions of about 45 minutes, one hour max. Even adults can lose focus. You will probably also need to do a couple training sessions with your managers.

Tip 2: Have Them Do, Don’t Just Tell

It’s easy to show or tell your employees how to put in an order, but the more they interact with the new POS system, the quicker they will learn it. Show them the process, then have them put in an order themselves. Do this with returns, refunds, and online orders. If you can, find time for them to explore the new POS system on their own and have them write down any questions that come up. Be sure to answer every question before you go live with the new POS system.

Tip 3: Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities

If you are allowing your general manager or your shift leaders to make changes to your business’s menu or products, it will help you greatly to treat every mistake found in the menu or product list as an opportunity to learn. No matter how simple or complex the problem is, always have your manager fix it. As an owner, you want to refrain from taking charge of issues like these so that your managers can gain the confidence to correct them themselves.

Tips for Training Employees on a New POS System

Tip 4: Keep on Top of New Procedures

Your new POS system may require you to implement some new procedures for your employees. For instance, with the implementation of a new POS system, employees may now have to enter their own tips or count their cash draw during shifts. For the first six weeks post-implementation, monitor your employees closely to make sure they are following through with the new procedures. This will keep them from slipping back into old habits and hampering the benefits of the new POS system.

The better you teach your employees, the fewer problems and headaches you will face as you use your new POS system. Keep these tips for training employees on a new POS system in mind when you create your onboarding process for future hires. Total Merchant Supply ensures every business owner is properly trained on our POS systems with in-person training sessions either at our showroom or on location. Contact us today to see all the POS systems we offer, including our conveniently portable tablet-based POS systems for restaurants, retail spaces, and more.