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Tips for Choosing a POS System for Your Brewery

Tips for Choosing a POS System for Your Brewery

As many cerevisaphiles out there have a deep love for drinking, studying, and brewing beer, some are eager to take their passion one step further and open their own microbrewery. To do this correctly will take more than just brewing knowledge and your favorite beer recipes. There are lots of things a POS system can help you do and keep track of in a brewery. Here are some things to look for when choosing a POS system for your new brewery.

Beer Tax

There’s a lot of taxation when it comes to beer. Depending on what container it’s in, the tax rate for that product will be different. Of course, states, counties, and cities will also have their own tax rates for beer. As a brewery owner, you don’t want to limit how you sell your beer to your thirsty customers. A quality POS system will be able to keep track of a plethora of tax rates.

Barcode Scanning

As you sell your beer in various containers, you’ll want to consider your grab-and-go customers, who are just looking to take a bottle or six-pack with them. Speed will be a priority for these customers. Having the ability to scan these products into your POS system will help keep the lines moving and not hold up your bartenders.

Tips for Choosing a POS System for Your Brewery

Keg Deposit

The number one thing people associate with breweries is kegs. We all think of breweries as places with kegs full of beer stacked to the ceiling. At some point early on, an individual will want to purchase a keg of your beer. You won’t want to charge them the full price of a keg shell plus the beer. So you’ll need a POS system that can keep track of keg deposits. You should also make it easy for them to either return the empty keg to get their deposit back or get a discount on their next full keg. Customer tracking will be a prerequisite for implementing this.

Tips for Choosing a POS System for Your Brewery

Seasonal Beer

Our next tip for choosing a POS system for your brewery is to look for one that can store your seasonal concoctions. Every brewery puts out an Oktoberfest or pumpkin beer, a winter stout or porter, and a summer IPA. Seasonal beers keep the customers coming back month after month to try your new original creation or your take on a classic style. If you know you’ll put out a pumpkin beer every fall, you’ll want a POS system that can hold or hide a product without forcing you to delete and recreate it every year.

As you prepare to show your city or town your love of zythology, remember that the right POS system can add big value to any brewery. It can help keep track of taxes and deposits and increase the speed of carryout orders, among other things. Make sure to set up your new brewery for success with a quality POS system, such as a flexible and efficient POS tablet from Total Merchant Supply.