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Social Media Marketing: How to Pick the Right Platform

Social Media Picture

What platforms to be on

When thinking about restaurants and the purpose of their Social Media Marketing, we want to make sure that beautiful photos are harmonized with purposeful content. To create the mood and brand that the restaurant wants to uphold. With that being said there are three platforms that I would recommend. They are Facebook, Instagram, and Googles My Business. To break these down a little further lets dive into why these are the best platforms for your social media campaign.


This is the largest and most diverse of any of the platforms, allowing you and your business to target a variety of individuals. In addition to Facebook’s large audience base it also gives customers a wide variety of ways to interact with the content that you produce. 


Taking into consideration that Instagram is not the largest contender when it comes to audience base. Or  even interaction base what it does give is beautiful content that ranks. Food based posts are among the highest ranking on Instagram. Which then in return ensues the possibility of that exposure for your company. For people to crave your delicious food when they see a beautiful photo. Instagram is also a great way to categories your photos with hashtags and locations.

Google My Business

So to be completely frank google my business manager is not a social media platform. However it is an integral part of a social media campaign. This Platform allows companies a free way to market their location, advertise photos, and showcase products. A great spot for superb google reviews.  

Of course there are other platforms that are great to use. These are just the most practical when not having a full marketing budget. This will allow you to start understanding the social media world and continue to grow your business!

Look for next week post for how to pick content for social posts

As always. we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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