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Social Media Marketing: Meaningful Content

content is king handwritten on blackboard

As the saying often goes content is king for any social media post this stands to be ever so true. The best way to grow any social media accounts is to make your audience stay around longer. This is done by having meaningful content that is relevant to the audience that you have developed.

What is Meaningful Content

First and foremost meaningful content only works if it is unique and kept fresh. For example if you were going to the store every week to buy fruit and the only fruit they had was berries week after week you would be sick and tired of those berries. Eventually you would find a different store with different fruit. The same thing goes with social media. Things need to be fresh and lively. A good rule of thumb to doing this is split things into three groups. 

Sales Points: 

This is the content that is your bread and butter. It gets you the clients that you need to walk in your door. For these posts you can post photos of your most popular dishes or of ones that get the best reviews on yelp! You can also promote your catering or even your drink specials. Also think about telling your customers the best way to get in touch with you or even the best areas to park near your company. 

Share Posts: 

Sharing meaningful content allows you to show your audience you are in tune with the world around you. This can be anything from a great blog post to events of festivals that are happening in the city that you are a part of. Another great share is anything about the culture of your food!

Brand Posts: 

This is a section to highlight who you are as a company. Consider doing reviews from customers, facts, funny jokes, or even facts about the food you serve. Make this section vibrant and fun with videos and meaningful word copy. 

In promoting your business it is important that you do not over do one of the following and make sure that your social platforms have an even mixture to make the perfect comprehensive meaningful posts. 

Check out next week’s blog about curbside appeal to your social media posts.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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