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QR Codes Are The Key To Self-ordering In A Pandemic

CR Code Ordering

QR Codes have become a necessity in today’s world. There are a flurry of new apps, tech tools, and integrations coming out almost every week. Each designed to change how we think and do business in this new normal. The need to reduce spending, while still reaching the customer (and still being efficient), is the biggest hurdle that the hospitality industry faces. So what exactly can a small startup, counter-serve restaurant do to get over this hurdle? How can your restaurant’s pos system help set you up for success?

Speed & Efficiency

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, when it came to small North Carolina & South Carolina counter-service restaurants, speed & efficiency was the name of the game. While that is still the mainstay attribute of a well oiled counter-serve restaurant, now you have to deal with the addition of decreased sales and social distancing guidelines. One solution that was used before the pandemic, that solved some of these problems, was the use of kiosk ordering. However, It is expensive. You still have to pay for a complete POS station and printer. During a rush, Kiosks can still cause lines to form. This means you may still need an employee to jump in and take orders. These shortcomings, on top of new challenges brought on from the pandemic, make using kiosks in an upstart restaurant impractical. 


Online ordering has exploded since the start of the Pandemic! Customers nowadays expect to find your website, order, and pay for products from their smartphones. Another trend is the use of QR codes. They are everywhere and are so simple to use. Just a simple checkered box, that when scanned with a smartphone takes you instantly online. So imagine how these two tech trends could help counter service restaurants maintain a simple check out process, while keeping up with social distancing.

Here is how the orders are taken:

Simply put a sign up explaining to the customer how to use the QR code to order. Have the restaurant’s online ordering QR code highlighted on the sign. The QR code will take them to your website’s online ordering. There they can place an order, mark it take out or dine in, give their name and, pay with a credit card. The order will automatically print in the kitchen. When the order is ready, the customer’s name will be called at the pick up window. It’s that easy! In essence, you are turning your customers own smartphone into their own personal Kiosk.

hand customer using digital mobile phone scan QR code paying for buying coffee in modern cafe.

Less Cash Being Used

To many North Carolina & South Carolina restaurant owners, this concept might seem scary. But look at the benefits, you are replacing the employee that normally would be taking and entering orders with an option that is far less expensive. Thus saving you payroll. It is a safe assumption to make that all of your customers have smartphones. Contactless payments have taken off during the pandemic. People are afraid of touching things that hundreds of other people touched. Cash is also being used less and less. Making the jump to a cashless operation is no longer the huge risk it might seem to be. People in general are carrying less cash these days. Total Restaurant POS software can help take the fear out of this transition and easily make it a reality.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.  

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