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POS Bar Printer

Why You Should Consider the BTP-681 Printer?

Like any bar, coffee shop or juice bar owner will tell you, their work is honest but never clean. Liquids squirts, splatter and splashes around as their employees quickly get drinks out. With needing a printer close by to receive orders, the run-of-the-mill thermal printer never stands a chance and often has a less than desirable life span. With these environments in mind, the BTP-681 thermal printer by SNBC is ideal. It’s reliable, tough, and designed to fit a bar’s specific needs.


With liquid everywhere, the BTP-681 printer is designed first and foremost to prevent liquids from getting inside the printer. It has a single-piece body panel covering the top and both sides of the printer. This also allows for a quick and easy wipe down when it get dirty. On top of that, the front-loading receipt paper design also keeps the point of entry for liquids limited.

Space is often an issue in a bar. Glasses and blenders pile up, bottles get left out. Space gets tight in a rush. Don’t worry, the BTP-681 printer has a small footprint, so you can fit it on any counter. If you can’t manage any counter space, it’s boxy silhouette allow it to be mounted under the counter. Thanks in part to its front-loading paper design. Replacing the paper roll is quick and easy as sliding out a drawer, replacing the empty core with a fresh roll from on top of or under the counter.

Receipt Indicators

Table Side Ordering – Is the bar in a low light environment or in a noisy bustling shop? The BTP-681 doesn’t let that stop an employee from missing an order. A light bar above the receipt comes on when a ticket prints. It also has an adjustable buzzer to let an employee know an order has been received. Lastly, the auto-cutter can be set to complete or partial cut so the tickets don’t end up on the floor.

Connect to your System

Ready to reap the benefits of the BTP-681 printer and add it to your bar’s POS system? You can get this printer with 3 different interfaces: LAN, USB, and serial. This makes it extremely versatile and allows it to be installed onto many POS systems. There is also a wide range of accessories that you can get for this little printer, such as an audiovisual indicator. Contact us to see if the BTP-681 can work with your current POS system or to take a look at POS systems it already works well with.


If your POS solution is lacking any of these features, it might be time to switch to Total Restaurant POS. As you evaluate the above features and functions, consider the elevated expectations of customers in today’s age of experiential dining. By not taking advantage of these features and functions, you’re not only missing out on ways to improve your operation, but you’re also falling short of what customers demand.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

Vipre Security

Have you thought about getting a security system for your POS station? A security system is an important tool for protecting you against virtual threats. The number of security threats have done nothing but increase over the past few years. We offer Vipre, an enterprise-level security system designed to take the hassle out of protecting yourself.


Vipre is $15 a month. We guarantee that if your systems are compromised, it will cost you more than $15 in money and time. WorldPay estimates that you will pay up to $156 per record lost. Also, the cost of repair in our shop is $50 an hour, that’s enough for over 3 months worth of protection! The cost of recovering from a data breach can bankrupt a small business. For the cost of a video subscription service, you can stay protected.


Vipre runs by itself in the background. If any sort of malware is detected, it will automatically quarantine that threat and send us a notification of what it found. From malicious programs to sketchy websites, Vipre has you covered 24/7.

Constant Updates

The war against viruses is an ever-changing one. It’s like an arms race; Both sides are constantly evolving in order to take over the other. Vipre automatically and constantly updates their software so that it’s always ready for whatever threats it may face.

All of these factors together create a security system that’s designed to prevent and eliminate threats and give you peace of mind.

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