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How to Make Professional and Appealing Content

closeup hand holding phone shooting food photograph

Professional and appealing accounts are something that takes time, just like any skill it takes time. A good place to start is by looking at other accounts that you admire. What are they doing? How are they taking photos? What posts have likes and the most shares? Is there a common theme of style to their page that sets them apart.

Professional Images

Social Media Marketing for restaurants lives and dies by the quality of images. Did you know that the most hash tagged images on Instagram is #foodporn pulling in over 155 million posts! With that being said if you have the ability to bring in a professional do it! If you do not here are some great tips to making your images look professional and appealing. 

Work the angles

When you think about food straight on shots are okay but what you really want to see is something abstract. Think about putting the camera right at the edge of the table. Or break the food appart per photo and add it all together for the first photo giving depth. 

Making things brighter

 No one wants to see a dark image on any social platform. Make your image pop with some bright vibrant colors!


This is the part where you get to play around. Try all the different filters on your phone and see what you like best. Another option if your photo needs a little touch up is affinity photo. It is a great way to touch up blemishes or even take your edits to the next level. Right now you can also get affinity at a lower price.

Customers are key

If you think about it, some of your customers are the best place to get Professional and appealing content. Look into your serving floor or show room. How many people have their phones out right now snapping a photo and posting on their personal social media. Use this to your advantage and use their skills to benefit your page. 

Stay tuned for next week about getting the right following.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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