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Introducing Our “Merchant Advantage POS” Software

What is Merchant Advantage Point of Sale?

Merchant Advantage Point of Sale (MAPOS) is our software that was designed with retail customers in mind. It is a cloud-based, Windows-based software that allows our customers to run their business smoothly and efficiently. It also allows you to take payment (all forms) from your customers in exchange for the goods you offer.

How will Merchant Advantage benefit your business?

This software will allow you to do many things within it to help your business grow so you can focus on other important things. It will allow you to do some of these benefit (not all are listed):

  • Ease of use: When it comes to most retail software the ease of use is very important to the user. Merchant Advantage POS is very user-friendly so the owner does not have to spend hours training their staff.
  • Expanded payment capability: Within Merchant Advantage POS the owner has the capability to control what type of payments they accept. <>
  • Reporting and analysis: Reporting is a very important factor for business owners. Our cloud-based software allows you to view multiple reporting. From sales reports to low inventory stock and even employee’s hours.
  • Inventory control: Within Merchant Advantage POS you have the ability to import your menu which can make it easier to load your items faster. You will know what inventory you have on hand, control where it’s going, and view low stock. Which overall gives you, the owner, full control of your items.
  • Loyalty programs: Within Merchant Advantage POS you are able to store your customers’ info and see all sales history for that particular customer and any loyalty points they. The more they shop with you the more benefits they can receive.


Merchant Advantage POS is a well diverse software that will allow you to succeed within your business. From the basic clock in functions to everyday reporting, everything a business owner would need to help them strive is right beneath their fingertips.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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