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How You Can Benefit From the Kickstart Combo POS Package

How You Can Benefit From the Kickstart Combo POS Package

Finding a POS system for your new business can be tough, tedious, and sometimes confusing. You need to figure out the best POS software for your business type. Then, you need to determine the necessary hardware for efficient operations. And you need to compare merchant processing rates! When you are trying to get your new business off the ground, you don’t have time for all that. At Total Merchant Supply, we aim to simplify the process of obtaining a POS system, making the process quick and easy. That is why we offer the Kickstart Combo. Let’s look at some of the ways you can benefit from the Kickstart Combo POS package.

Quick and Simple

Above all else, the Kickstart Combo is quick and easy to sign up for. It’s only $109 a month, and everything is included. You choose if you want our retail or hospitality cloud-based POS software. All the hardware you will need for one station is included. You get a sleek, easy-to-use POS touch screen computer. A cash drawer and a versatile thermal printer are also included. Additionally, the Kickstart Combo comes with a chip-enabled pin pad and a merchant account with competitive rates. Once approved for a merchant account, it’s just one small contract to sign and the first and last month payment. That’s it!

In-Person Support

How else can you benefit from the Kickstart Combo POS package? On top of the hardware and software, the Kickstart Combo comes with our support agreement. This support agreement not only includes all phone calls, but also includes remote internet support. The POS software we offer with the Kickstart Combo will allow our techs to come into your system remotely and see the issues you are having first-hand. Compare this level of service to that of our competitors, whose support starts and ends with phone calls. With our support agreement, you can get in-person on-site support for a reduced rate. We also offer loaner hardware until your hardware is repaired. So, if a printer breaks on a busy Friday night, you can call us. We will come out to your business, swap out the broken printer for a loaner, and get you back up and running. It’s all the support you will need.

How You Can Benefit From the Kickstart Combo POS Package

You Own It All at The End

Now, what happens when the terms of the contract end? After three years, all the hardware becomes yours, and the $109 per month drops down to just $60. You continue to run your business as normal, and if issues arise, our support agreement will still cover it. On the off-chance you no longer want to do business with us, the hardware—which you now own—is non-proprietary. That means you can use it with another Windows-based POS software. Of course, Total Merchant Supply will be happy to sign you up for another Kickstart Combo for your next location. That’s a big win-win for you.

The Kickstart Combo is just what you need when you want a simple, quick POS solution for your new business. Let us focus on your POS system so that you can focus on more important things. Contact Total Merchant Supply today to set up an in-person demo at our showroom or to get the ball rolling on your Kickstart Combo.