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Factors To Consider Before You Purchase Digital Signage 

Factors To Consider Before You Purchase Digital Signage

The hospitality and retail industries are seeing an uptick in renovations as the COVID-19 pandemic fades into the past. Along with new renovations may come the idea of replacing the old printed menu or wall ad with a more dynamic and eye-catching display. Digital Signage fits the bill nicely with an array of features and benefits. From illuminating eye-catching photos and videos to providing changes to the menu items and prices on the fly, it can do many things. However, there are a few factors to consider before you purchase Digital Signage for your business.       

The Brightness 

One big difference between low-end and high-end Digital Signage is how bright the screen is. While LCD is still in low-end Digital Signage, that is slowly disappearing from the market. Even with most Digital Signage being LED, there’s still a noticeable difference in brightness between low-end and high-end LED Digital Signage. So consider if you want or expect the Digital Signage to light up any part of your interior along with the other lights in your restaurant or retail space. It can also nicely contrast with them instead.

The Hours of Use 

Another important factor to consider before you purchase Digital Signage is how long the Digital Signage will be in use during the average workday. Low-end Digital Signage will come with warnings advising you to only use it for 12 to 16 hours per day. If the Digital Signage is constantly on well over that suggested time frame, it’ll start to shorten its life expectancy. This overuse could also damage the pixels on the screen and diminish overall brightness. High-end Digital Signage has the capability to be on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Factors To Consider Before You Purchase Digital Signage

The Size and the Gap        

Size will always directly correlate to price for Digital Signage, but a single Digital Signage screen can only be so big. If you desire a huge Digital Signage display, you’ll need to put multiple Digital Signage screens together to form one big display. If that’s the plan, then you’ll need to consider the border on the Digital Signage. Higher-end Digital Signage will have little to no border, allowing the screen to come right to the edge. This will reduce the gap between screens and help sell the look of one big display. 

Factors To Consider Before You Purchase Digital Signage

The Many Mounts

One thing that people often overlook when it comes to Digital Signage is their mounts. Single-screen wall mounts are the most common type of mount, but they aren’t the only option. There are also floor and ceiling mounts. The location and positioning of the Digital Signage on the wall will determine which mount will work best for that situation. Single-screen mounts tend to fall on the low-end of the price range, while multi-screen mounts are pricier. However, multi-screen mounts can handle several Digital Signage screens on a single mount fixture, lining up the screens to reduce the gap between them. This makes them ideal for massive Digital Signage displays. 

Whether or not new renovation is the reason for adding Digital Signage, understanding these factors will ensure that the Digital Signage system creates a truly eye-catching experience for the customer. You can learn more about the advantages of digital signage here. When the time comes to purchase a Digital Signage system, contact Total Merchant Supply. We sell, install, and service custom Digital Signage systems for any type of business.