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How Cloud-based Point of Sale Benefits You

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Software Subscription

With cloud-based software, you won’t have huge upfront fees for software licenses. Your monthly subscription fee covers the software including perpetual version updates, continuous backups, and our built-in service.

Software Access

You’ll be amazed at the increased visibility of your data when you opt for cloud-based software. You can access a variety of important functions and reports from any device that’s connected to the internet. Things that could be monitored from anywhere are:



Employee Timekeeping

There is a benefit in using “Total Restuarant POS”. Such as Online Ordering and with some simple setting on your POS you can allow the same setting to show on your website.

Instant Updates

Good software is like a plant that is continually growing; Adding new functions and features as industry changes. As a developer, we invest a great deal of time to continuously improve our software.

New functions and features appear instantly without any downtime or expense.

All devices are updated at the same time and the entire process is seamless.

These updates in no way interfere with your daily operations.

You’ll continuously be on the newest version of the software, all with no additional software update fees. It’s totally future proofed!

Integrated Remote Access

At Total Merchant Supply we have multiple cloud-based software that allows remote access. Remote access gives you the ability to get help when you need it for updates or issues with your system. Our tech support team here at TMS is available 24/7 to help you meet the needs of your cloud-based software.

POS Data Integrity

Your crucial business information is always safe on the cloud. Data is synced and stored electronically. If the unthinkable happens for example:

  • Software Failure
  • Power Surge
  • Window Operating System Failure

You won’t even lose data or time in the event of an upgrade to your POS hardware to a new one.  Simply contact our Tech Support team and in no time at all your system will be back up and running.


These are just our top 5 reasons why at Total Merchant Supply we recommend cloud-based POS software. If you are interested in which cloud-based software we have available our top picks are:

  • Total Restaurant POS and Merchant Advantage POS

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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