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7 Features of Our Merchant Advantage POS Software

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Don’t settle for “Cookie Cutter” Point-of-Sale systems

Have you ever purchased a Point of Sale system but did not get proper training so you or your staff can use it to its max potential? Or have you gotten software and had to purchase many apps to get the reports or some other functions you need? Well, Merchant Advantage POS is the perfect solution that will fit you and your business. No need to purchase any apps or be stuck with a 1-800 and a prayer that someone on the other end can help you. Today’s modern POS systems can do amazing things to help you improve operational efficiencies, increase sales, and create better customer experiences. Unfortunately, powerful POS features are all too often left unused or underutilized. Here are 7 ways you can make sure you’re taking full advantage of Merchant Advantage POS’s capabilities.


Like most business owners you are probably very busy and are trying to juggle 100 things at a time. Do not let the reporting for your business be one of the things. With Merchant Advantage POS we have detailed reporting that is built within the software. In these reports, you can see sales for a specific date (day, week, month, quarter, or yearly), by category, and even employee clock in/out. Every morning you will receive an email for the sales on the previous day. So there will be no need in logging in or waiting on your managers to send it over to you.

Employee Management

Have you ever had an employee go into a section of the software that you did not want them too? Sounds like that retail software doesn’t allow you to restrict employee rights. With Merchant Advantage POS you can set the rights of each and every employee. You might want to set it where cashiers only have access to ringing up/checking out your customers. Would you like for your manager on duty to be able to access your reporting and keep track of sales? Both of these can be done within the cloud-based retail software.

Remote Help

When you have a problem with your station or the software with other companies some of them give you a 1-800 number to call and talk with a tech agent. Others will say someone will show up and never come or they are hours past the time you called and you have lost business. Possibly they are not local to your business to even offer on-site technical support. Built-in our software you will get 24/7 remote help. Any time you have a problem, or even questions, you can give us a call and we will be able to get remote help into your Point of Sale system. It will allow us to look at your system and figure out how to help by seeing what you are looking at and solving the problem. Whether it is showing you how to do something within the software or it is going in and doing some configuring we will be able to assist any time.

Add Wizard

More than likely a retail store has hundreds maybe even thousands of items that need to get entered into inventory. One way to do it is the old fashion way by typing in the description, SKU number, price, etc. We all know that can be very time-consuming especially when you have a business to run. Do you really have all that time? What if we tell you that our software Merchant Advantage POS has a feature built within it that lets you add inventory faster. When you scan the item in add wizard it will search the internet for that item. If it finds the item it will pop up what was found. If it matches to select the one you want and add a price.  If it does not find the item on the internet then you have to enter the item manually. So how do you want to add your inventory?

Printable Store card

Have you ever had to give a return but you don’t want to give the customer money out of the register? With the Merchant Advantage store card feature, you don’t have to! Once you scan the merchandise back in the POS system, the Merchant Advantage software will give you the option to print out a paper store card to give to the customer. This is much cheaper than giving the customer a plastic gift card which is also available as an option. The Point of Sale software will keep track of the balance, which if you want can be attached to a customer account. The paper gift card receipt itself also has a barcode for quick check out when the customer redeems it. Best yet, the paper gift card is printed on thermal paper, which reacts to heat. So if the customer put the gift card receipt paper on their car’s hot dashboard and the paper turns all black, who keeps the money? You do!!


Merchant Advantage POS is a great software however it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. What makes us stand out from the rest is our local support. Along with the fact we have excellent reporting, the ability to add products quickly with the add wizard, printable storecards, and the ability to control the employee’s rights. Merchant Advantage could be the software that helps elevate your business to the next level. It can help if you have one business or multiple. Stop by our showroom in Charlotte to get a look at the software in person.

As always , we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Vipre Security

Have you thought about getting a security system for your POS station? A security system is an important tool for protecting you against virtual threats. The number of security threats have done nothing but increase over the past few years. We offer Vipre, an enterprise-level security system designed to take the hassle out of protecting yourself.


Vipre is $15 a month. We guarantee that if your systems are compromised, it will cost you more than $15 in money and time. WorldPay estimates that you will pay up to $156 per record lost. Also, the cost of repair in our shop is $50 an hour, that’s enough for over 3 months worth of protection! The cost of recovering from a data breach can bankrupt a small business. For the cost of a video subscription service, you can stay protected.


Vipre runs by itself in the background. If any sort of malware is detected, it will automatically quarantine that threat and send us a notification of what it found. From malicious programs to sketchy websites, Vipre has you covered 24/7.

Constant Updates

The war against viruses is an ever-changing one. It’s like an arms race; Both sides are constantly evolving in order to take over the other. Vipre automatically and constantly updates their software so that it’s always ready for whatever threats it may face.

All of these factors together create a security system that’s designed to prevent and eliminate threats and give you peace of mind.