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7 Advantages of our “Total Restaurant POS” Software

“Don’t settle for “Cookie Cutter Point-of-Sale systems”

Today’s modern POS systems can do amazing things to help you improve operational efficiencies, increase sales, and create better customer experiences. Unfortunately, powerful POS features are all too often left unused or underutilized. Here are 7 ways you can make sure you’re taking full advantage of Total Restaurant POS system’s capabilities.

Customer Loyalty Programs

An effective customer loyalty program can become your most powerful marketing tool. Total Restaurant POS allows you to track your customer with just their phone number and name. You can create a point system with your items and offer deals and give-a-ways to loyal customers, track and view order histories, better understand buying behaviors, and more. The win-win result of a good loyalty program is more engaged and satisfied customers with increased revenue for you.

Online ordering

Offering online ordering can be an easy and effective way for you to increase sales with little additional expense. As part of the Total Restaurant POS system, online menus and specials are automatically synchronized, tickets are automatically generated, and online orders can be routed directly to your kitchen printers. Additionally, a professional branded online ordering page will create a polished image for your restaurant.

Table Side Ordering

By arming wait staff with tablets running the cloud base Total Restaurant POS software, orders can be taken at the table and relayed to the kitchen and/or bar in real-time to create a faster (i.e. better) dining experience for guests. Efficiencies are also increased, leading to quicker table turns and the ability to produce additional revenue. Lastly, table-side ordering results in more accurate orders and less waste.


Offering reservations is another simple way to give guests a better experience. See at a glance how many parties and guest you have for a meal, how long the wait is and who is up next. It can also alert you to extra long wait time due to slow turn-over tables. Soon you will be able to text customers when their table is ready, which will be a fantastic way to provide great service.

Secure and Popular Payment Methods

Payment security is top of everyone’s mind, and Total Restaurant POS is leveraging point-to-point encryption, tokenization, and EMV to keep cardholder data safe and prevent fraud. Additionally, it can accept mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay which is becoming more appealing to guests every day, so make sure your payment devices can support this trend.


If you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it. With Total Merchant Supply, you can access a number of reports to identify the most and least profitable areas of your restaurant. You can monitor sales, track inventory, manage labor, and review financials from any device with Internet access, you don’t have to be in your restaurant anymore. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make confident and intelligent business decisions.

Open Hold Tab

Never worry about losing a patron’s credit card and increase bar sales when you can open a tab and give the credit card right back to them. Total Restaurant POS will hold open the tab, and when the patron is done; just one button press with close it for a quick closeout. A few tabs left open at the end of the night? Quick tip close feature will close out the remaining tabs with a tip percentage of your choice. Keeping your bar swift and profitable.


If your POS solution is lacking any of these features, it might be time to switch to Total Restaurant POS. As you evaluate the above features and functions, consider the elevated expectations of customers in today’s age of experiential dining. By not taking advantage of these features and functions, you’re not only missing out on ways to improve your operation, but you’re also falling short of what customers demand.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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