The $99 No Worries Plan

$99 No Worries, Be Happy, Man!

There are a lot of things to worry about nowadays. Face masks, social distancing, and avoiding touching your face are just the start. There are many more when considering opening a new restaurant or retail shop. Total Merchant Supply understands that. As part of our commitment to support the locally owned and operated small businesses here in the Charlotte area; we offer a “$99 No Worries Plan”. Just $99 per month and we take care of your Point Of Sale software, hardware, and merchant account, letting you focus on other things. 

Here is how this $99 No Worries Plan works. 

Total Merchant Supply proudly sells and supports Total Restaurant POS and Merchant Advantage POS. Both softwares were developed in partnership with us. They both have Windows operating systems with cloud-based features which provide several benefits. If something were to happen to your Point of Sale computer; you would not lose all of your data and sales history. It can be quickly and easily downloaded onto another computer. You can also get reports on your business from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection though the web portal. Merchant Advantage POS is ideal for any retail business. It has an add item wizard feature that can quickly add any item, with a barcode, to your inventory in seconds. Total Restaurant POS is a versatile restaurant software that can handle any type of restaurant from white tablecloth fine dining to counter-serve fast food. It has a built-in, online ordering feature. No need to go through Uber-eats or Grubhub to see what all of these software solutions can do. An in person or web demo can be set up by contacting us. 

With the $99 No Worries Plan, the Point Of Sale hardware is completely covered from normal wear and tear. Total Merchant Supply will provide you with a like-new refurbished POS touch screen computer, cash drawer, thermal printer, and pin pad. If any of these devices were to break; a Total Merchant Supply Tech will come out and replace it. That includes nights and weekends. To provide the fastest service in Charlotte, Total Merchant Supply offers a 24/7 support line that is always answered by a live person. 

The $99 No Worries Plan also comes with an integrated merchant account and pin pad. Get your reports all in one place, no more having to compare credit card terminal reports with point of sale or cash register reports to make sure they line up. Total Merchant Supply can also match any competitive merchant processing rate. All you need to do is provide a merchant statement from the current merchant processing provider and Total Merchant Supply can write it at the same rate. If you are opening up a new business, no worries!, Total Merchant Supply will provide a competitive rate. After 8 months, we do a rate review to make sure it’s the best rate possible. 

Whether it’s a brand new restaurant or retail shop or a business needing a POS upgrade, the $99 No Worries Plan from Total Merchant Supply will work for you. It’s simple and straightforward, so have you one less thing to worry about and let Total Merchant Supply handle the Point Of Sale system. To see the $99 No Worries Plan in action, contact Total Merchant Supply for a free, in-person or web demo. A Total Merchant Supply representative can answer any additional questions. See, no Worries!   

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

Total Merchant Supply is a POS dealer based in Charlotte NC

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