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POS Systems

for Sale in North & South Carolina

The Carolinas’ Best for POS

Total Merchant Supply is an experienced POS supplier with the tools, resources, and expertise to help your local business succeed. From cash registers and digital menu boards to fully integrated cloud-based POS systems for sale, Total Merchant Supply delivers a full range of products made to fit your business’s needs. Unlike other companies that supply POS supply solutions, we have a showroom filled with all of our POS systems in Charlotte, NC. Don’t be afraid to stop by, say hello, and browse our website to learn more about our point of sale systems for small businesses.

The Stanley POS System
The Stanley – Charlotte, NC

What Our Systems Can Do For You

Why choose Total Merchant Supply’s POS systems over other options? Our point of sale systems are some of the most efficient around. They come equipped with various features that will help your business run faster and smoother, such as:

The Kick Start Combo POS System
  • Cloud-based Software
  • Online Ordering
  • Contactless Payment Methods
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Integrated Gift Cards with No Swipe Fees
  • Inventory & Employee Management
  • Automatic Daily Updates
  • Stationary & Mobile Devices
  • Online Portal for Easy Report Access
  • No Up-front Fees for Licenses
  • Curbside ordering
  • Host texting
  • Table side ordering
  • Postmates Integration
  • Uber Eats Integration


Total Merchant Supply provides POS supply solutions to businesses in a wide range of industries. Two of the industries we most prominently serve include the restaurant and retail industries. If you own a restaurant or retail store, we can set you up with a POS system and digital signage so you can streamline your operations and grow your business.

Restaurant Point of Sale

Total Merchant Supply provides restaurant POS systems to “Full Service”, “Counter Service”, and “Mobile Service” restaurants in NC and SC. Covid 19 has changed the way that restaurants do business. Chat with a point-of-sale system expert to learn how we can help lead you through the pandemic.

Restaurant Types

  • Full Service
  • Bars
  • Bakery
  • Food Truck
  • Coffee Shop
  • Smoothie Shop
  • Deli
  • Sports bars
  • Sporting Events
  • Catering Groups
  • Pop-Up Tents

Picture: @fratellibaxtervillage – FortMill, SC

Chef Wearing Mask - Fort Mill, SC

Retail Point of Sale

As representatives of an expert point of sale system company, our team members understand that every business has unique needs. By working with several types of retail stores in the Carolinas, we’ve learned how to provide customized POS supply solutions for any sized store. Chat with a retail point of sale system expert to learn how we can tailor a solution that fits your business’s needs.

Retail Types

  • Clothing Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Wine, Beer, and Liquor Stores

Picture @RositaEnvoisBoutique


Point of Sale Dealer

“Total Merchant Supply has been North Carolina & South Carolina’s premier POS supplier since 1997. We have worked with hundreds of retail and restaurant owners, just like you, as your local point of sale system dealer. Our POS hardware and software run the full spectrum – from Cash Registers to full blown POS systems, to Digital Signage, to Merchant Accounts, to Cloud-based POS tablets. At our store, you can find (non-proprietary) hardware that is always available in a full range of pricing, customization, and upgradable options. At Total Merchant Supply, we are here for you. We ask the right questions to provide a custom Point of Sale system to meet your business’s individual needs.”

POS Software

Our POS software products are designed to meet the demands of restaurant and retail businesses. We offer two unique products, with customizable upgrades, to accommodate your specific business.

Restaurant pos software
For Restaurants

– Cloud-based Software

– Customer Loyalty

– Integrated Gift Cards

– Online Ordering & Curbside Pickup

– Delivery Integration (Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub)

– Table Side Order (QR Code)

– Host texting feature for available tables

Retail pos software
For Retail

– Cloud-based Software

– Customer Loyalty

– Integrated Gift Cards

– Inventory Management

– Employee Management

– Item Wizard For Speedy Product Uploads

POS Hardware

We offer a wide selection of “non-proprietary” Point of Sale hardware. Each device is high quality, industrial, and brand named. With our non-proprietary hardware, you can mix and match any piece of hardware. Create the perfect setup for your business model.

Total Merchant Supply has the technical knowledge, years of experience, and dedicated support you need to make the most of your POS system. Visit us today to learn more about your options and see how working with a dependable POS supplier can transform the way you do business.

Get to Know Our Products

Used by many local NC & SC customers.

Total merchant Supply
Merchant Advantage POS
Total Restaurant POS
Total merchant Supply
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Total merchant Supply
Merchant Advantage POS
Total Restaurant POS
Total merchant Supply
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About Total Merchant Supply

Choosing a great POS system is a crucial investment to make. When considering your Point of Sale system and/or merchant account, you need to partner with someone who personally cares about your success. Since 1997, Total Merchant Supply has provided reliable and cost-effective POS supply solutions to hundreds of restaurant and retail businesses in the Carolinas. From business supplies, to electronic cash registers, to credit card terminals, to integrated wireless touch screens, to cloud-based Point of Sale software; we have the right solutions for all of your Point of Sale needs.



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Our customers rely on us as their POS dealer for solid solutions to all of their POS challenges. Not some fly by night internet company. We are locally owned and operated. If your station goes down in the middle of a busy lunch rush. One of our local technicians can be on site in just the time it takes to drive there. Don’t settle for an 800 number and a prayer. Businesses that trust Total Merchant Supply for POS systems in Charlotte, NC, will receive the highest quality local service and support.