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Rivermen Brewing Company’s founders all met through a passion for paddling and the outdoors. They discovered that they also had something else in common; their love of great beer. Located in the heart of historic downtown Belmont, Rivermen put their focus on rotation in both their brewery and in their full-service kitchen. We set up the menu to allow them to easily swap out items on a seasonal rotation. As construction progressed, concerns about server flow came up. We were able to make changes to the placement of stations and printers and add an additional bar printer to help expedite their beer service. Backing up their database was another concern for them so we installed a robust backup system on their POS system to ensure that no lost data would be more than an hour old. We are proud to serve as Rivemen’s partner in all things point of sale and have the knowledge and experience about breweries to provide them with excellent service and technical support. As their business grows, we are here to support them every step of the way. Find out how we can help your brewery be a success. 704-523-6244